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shops in Frankfurt: Affentor

Your style does good*

Affentor is a social project for women and provides a platform for young, urban and new-coming designer, whose products are manufatured in the enterprise of the Werkstatt Frankfurt. Thus, the designers get the opportunity to realise and sell their ideas without seed capital. Affentor, as part of the Werkstatt Frankfurt, conducts the entire chain of production, marketing and sales for the designers.
Your style does good* embraces the philosophy that there should be more conscious attitude towards social and ecological issues in regard to individual consumer patterns and the fashion world as a whole.

(production,every bag is handmade in Frankfurt)

But Affentor is not just a project, they create wonderful bags. For the latest the Affentor design team was inspired by the Dandies of the bohemian Paris of the 20´s and artists like Jean-Paul Satre, Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvooir and Brigitte Bardot.
The latest collection is called: Bohemian Dandy.The Dandy is characterised by his extravagant way of being, his cynical, frivolous conversations, his superior taste and his confidence in style.

The bags of Affentor have names like:

This item can be carried over the shoulder or as a handbag. It is two sided and fitted with a strong, reinforced bottom, internal compartment with zipper inside. Hard wearing, this multi propose item can be used on the beach, the picnic, in the park or even for the trip to the shops.

Mathilde (notebook bag for women)
Limited edition cushioned notebook bag. Fits Mac Book Pro & PC, two inside compartments are provided for accessories.
Heinrich (notebook bag for men)

Affentor creates handbags, notebook bags, small items for your very individual style. To watch the whole collection:

visit the Affentor shop:

Affentor Frankfurt
Fahrgasse 23
60311 Frankfurt

and if you don´t live in Frankfurt order your indivdual bag via internet

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