Dienstag, 5. August 2008

Frankfurt eyes on: summer/spring collection 09 by Gabriel & Schwan

The spring/summer collection 09 of Gabriel & Schwan consists of bags of various sizes as well as a necklace in different colours and a shirt. The materials used are nylon, rope and jersey. The bags are lined with cotton fabric and have different inside pockets. The necklaces have a really cutting edge design. Seems to look great on a simple grey dress.

necklace in green

and again in lila

Gabriel & Schwan will present the whole collection of bags & accessories (women and man) from 04.09. to 07.09.2008 in Paris at WHO´S NEXT.


Adrian hat gesagt…

heyho, danke für den netten kommentar, dein blog sieht auch sehr interessant aus...nehm dich mal in meinen blogroll auf (wenn der grad nicht wieder spinnt)
gruß adrian

numerocuatro hat gesagt…

fantastic idea!
i want one!