Dienstag, 5. August 2008

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After reading all published books by Christian Kracht I walked around Frankfurt´s book shops to find something to read. Bored of the anonymously big book stores in the city center, bored of the promoted bestsellers (specially the book by C. Roche) I visited the book shop Walther Koenig. Here I found 2 very interesting books (the fashion book was an offer - I had to buy it and the other one, well, it´s the supplementary literature to an exhibition in 2004, the art project by Michael S. Riedel mainly took part at Robert Johnson, Offenbach). The Buchhandlung Walther Koenig is specialised in books from the following categories: art, architecture, design, living, movie, fashion, dance. Here you find wonderful illustrated books and magazines.
Buchhandlung Walther Koenig
Domstraße 6
60311 Frankfurt/Main

Fashion Show, Paris Style
by Pamela A. Parmal, Didier Grumbach, Susan Ward, Lauren D. Whitley
Gingko Press
(about the History of the fashion in Paris, from the early beginnings in 1700 till 2004, published in english)

Johnson Robert
Michael S. Riedel
Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt a.M., 2004
Heft Nummer 2 der Reihe Transkript
(supplementary literature for the exhibition Noshno. This book you have to start reading from the back to the front. From down to up. Text is about spoken words in a night at Robert Johnson, Offenbach)

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