Samstag, 9. August 2008

Party in Frankfurt: SinAllNeon

New parties in town
SinAllNeoN is a private party line-up that started as a house and theme party on new years eve. It was more than any club could possibly offer. So they decided to get special locations and transfer house party atmosphere to each of them.
The concept is changing locations, private atmosphere, wild themes and a rocking crowd.

Go to their homepage and register yourself,
because as a registered member of this site you have access to guest lists, not only of parties, but of different clubs and events in Frankfurt as well. The offers vary from preferred to free entrance.

Resident DJs are: Amin Fallaha, Lukas Altman

Next party is on Saturday, 30.08.2008, doors open 23:00
motto: "Freie Liebe, 1968"
to check out where the party is located get registered on the homepage
or spy on Frankfurt Fashion Blog

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