Freitag, 13. März 2009

Lichter Filmtage Frankfurt 19. - 22. March

Lichter Filmtage Frankfurt is a film festival for Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main-Region in the time from 19.03.- 22.03.2009. Started in 2007 the idea was to start a tradition, ignite the public´s curiosity for the filmmaking in their region, and bring together a community of filmmakers and viewers. Now it´s the second time and the Lichter Filmtage will take place in Turm cinema in Frankfurt city. Besides the cinema the core of the festival is the "freitagsküche" (from thursday to saturday), an unconventional kind of restaurant where on friday night a crew of culinary aficionados cook original, authentic and affordable menue. And beside food and cinema there will be party on Friday night with We don´t need another hero. Find the programm soon here. Frankfurt Fashion will also give away some cinema tickets!

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