Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

Wallpaper* City Guide Frankfurt

If you visit a new city there are always two important questions. Where to go? and Where do I get the information where to go from? And if you have just a short time in a city it´s more than important to have the right city guide. One of the best for Frankfurt is Wallpaper* City Guide from Phaidon. In this guide you find the best restaurants, bars and hotels , the most extraordinary stores and the most enticing architecture and design. Of course, this small booklet can´t show you all shops and bars but the selection is fine. Wallpaper City Guide doesn´t show you typically tourist attractions people from Japanese would visit. Also available are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich and more than 50 other cities all over the world. And if you like to have even more information about Frankfurt get in contact with Frankfurt Fashion.


kit. hat gesagt…

oh schoenes buechlein ;)
wie ist denn die großmarkthalle, wie die kleine in der innenstadt?

TINA hat gesagt…

Oh. Bin ein wenig neidisch. Düsseldorf DEF is still missing... ;-)