Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

Designer from Frankfurt: Coco Lores

Coco Lores was founded in 2007 from 3 girls from Frankfurt Olivia Dahlem, Iris Becker and Claudia Frick. Last year their label Coco Lores won the "Stilblüte" a special price given away on Frankfurts fashion fair Stilblüte in December 2008. Very important for the designers are the wearability of the clothes aswell that they made under fair conditions. Coco Lores clothes are produced in the charitable Werkstatt Frankfurt. Their first collection is called Krimifashion Inspired by thrillers and old movies the collection is elegant, sexy and feminine. Black coloured pieces meet with tender coloured ones. Current collection is themed with office couture. All pieces are wearable in office aswell while going out. Basics like pantsuits are interpreted in a new way. In February Coco Lores will open an own store in Frankfurt. All informations you will find right on time here and if you would like to watch how the store is build visit the designer here.

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