Sonntag, 2. November 2008

Shops in Frankfurt: oh, this time from Offenbach "Playground"

Bags and dresses by Penelope´s sphere (from Berlin)

little leather bags by lapaporter (from Berlin)
leather bags by k45 (from London)
Since summer this year Offenbach/Main (next to Frankfurt) has its own showroom Playground with fashion, interior design (by Sylvain Willenz & Atelier Blink) and accessoires from national and international designers - all items are consolidated under one approach: guaranteed niceness. The idea behind the showroom: Playground is an independant, multi-disciplinary design showroom. They sell intelligent and considered design solutions for all slices of life. You can visit the showroom Thursday & Friday between 17:00 - 20:00 o´clock. Or after consultation. During the next two weeks the owner, Claudia Johanna Wolke, will also open her webshop. Here you can find all products from the showroom. Also intended are pop up stores in Frankfurt. Playground is an unique store, here you can also find designers like Butterflysoulfire, Odeur or Djuna Paris. This brands you don´t find in any other store in Frankfurt. So, visit the other side of the river Main!
Bettinastrasse 70
63067 Offenbach

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