Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

new magazine: Missy Magazine

Today, Frankfurt Fashion was walking around the biggest supermarket in Frankfurt for buying some yummy cake. And, as every woman does, she stopped at the magazines and newspapers to take a short look on the covers. Okay, to be honest: She reads them for free instead of buying. But one magazine seemed to be so interesting that she bought it. It´s Missy Magazine. Sounds like a magazine for young girls, but the topics of this magazine aren´t the same like you find in other magazines. The fashion in this magazine is innovative and topics like "using a vibrator" are written in a funny, interesting way. Fashion photos are very good! This issue is the first of Missy Magazine and it´s a very good start. There will be 4 magazines in a year. Also the advertisment in this newspaper is great. Labels like Herr von Eden or special book stores you find. So, women which are fed up with magazines like Glamour or Elle but which like reading the De:Bug shoud buy this mag. Missy Magazines shows real women (like Electric Indigo - great DJ!), their storries and their styles.

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