Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008

Designer from Frankfurt: Alex original handbags

Frankfurt Fashion met Alex - she is a symphatic bag designer from Frankfurt. But not only a designer, she also creates the handbags! So, here is the story:
If you have an idea, you have to implement your idea. And so Alex did. When she came to Germany from Great Britian (because of her husband finding a job here) she wanted to design and create bags. Bored of boring bags which everybody is wearing her idea was to create good looking unique handmade bag which are also practical. Her sister does creating handbags in Canada, getting inspired by her she started buying material, collected ideas and began to seam. And, of course, started selling them. After a year now a lot of women love their bags and visit her when she sells them on markets like Museumsuferfest Frankfurt or Stilblüten Frankfurt and in the shop designe, kleine in Brückenstrasse, Frankfurt. Here Alex owns a box where she presents her bags. Boxes are very small in designe, kleine, she can´t show you all her lovely bags there, so you have 2 options: Visit Alex in her studio in Frankfurt or shop online. And if you´re interested in what she is working at visit her blog.

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