Samstag, 2. August 2008

Take a drink! Lala Mamoona Bar

Lala Mamoona Bar
Do you know a place in Frankfurt city center, where you can sit outside in canvas chairs, watching rabbits jumping around and your view is a little park with old trees?
Go to Lala Mamoona Bar. Located is this small bar in a former wc-house which was build in 1906. Till the 70ies it worked as a wc-house, after closing this public place the house was empty over years till Ghani Bibaoune founded 2 years ago the Lala Mamoona Bar. Now you can take your drinks here. Nice: you get free salty snacks to your drink. Not Nice: Sometimes they don´t have all drinks which are offered on their menu.

Lala Mamoona
Zeil 1a
60313 Frankfurt am Main

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