Samstag, 5. Juli 2008

review: Waggon Bash, 28.06.2008

Last week on Saturday, Harzwerk presented on the bank of the Main river (Offenbach) their Waggon Bash party. Already at 23:00 o´clock people were dancing in front of the waggon or sitting on the river bank for drinking beer and listening to fine techno sounds. So, for the first: great evening. Loud techno music, bbq, fantastic warm weather. Were it not for the police. Harzwerk team had the wrong permission. They were just allowed to "use" the waggon, but not the river bank. After the last track "Wir sind die Roboter" the party was displaced to Rotari.

The Waggon

Thomas at Rotari

Harzwerk friends at Rotari

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